Yerevan, Armenia
9-17 January

3 Way Lead in Andranik Margaryan Memorial


Games of round 4 of Andranik Margaryan Memorial took place yesterday at Chess Academy of Armenia. In contrast to third round where 4 draws were registered, in this round only one draw was agreed and in 4 other games one of the sides was stronger than his opponent. The only draw was agreed in the top game of the round, where then the sole leader Parham Maghsoodloo was playing against Aram Hakobyan. Armenian player Hakobyan had a big advantage during the whole game, even in the last position where draw was agreed Hakobyan had much better position, but however a draw was agreed. Sychev Klementy and Lukasz Jarmula celebrated important victories. Armenian players Arman Mikaelyan and Hovik Hayrapetyan won their first games in the tournament.

After the 4th round Parham Maghsoodloo, Sychev Klementy and Lukasz Jarmula got 3 points apiece and are leading the table. Aram Hakobyan is closely trailing the leaders with 2.5 points.

Round 5 pairings:

IM Aram Hakobyan   – IM Nichita Morozov ​
IM Sychev Klementy –  IM Vadim Moiseenko
GM Artashes Minasian – GM Parham Maghsoodloo
IM Lukasz Jarmula – GM Hovik Hayrapetyan
GM Volodymyr Vetoshko –  GM Arman Mikaelyan

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